Bivouac Gervasutti

Bivouac Gervasutti

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elevation: 2835 m

waypoint_type: hut

capacity: 12

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quality: medium



custodianship : no_warden


matress_unstaffed : yes

blanket_unstaffed : yes

heating_unstaffed : no

gas_unstaffed : yes


Belongs to the CAI Torino.

The first hut was built in 1948 to replace the Frébouze bivouac, which was 600m lower and has since been dismantled. It was rebuilt in 1961, and then in 2011 a brand new and controversial hut was installed.

Some photos of the new hut on the web : … Gervasutti … Gervasutti

pedestrian access

3 to 4h

From le Pont, go NE bya path which follows the true right bank of the Doire De Ferret. After several hundred metres go the valley formed by the torrent de Frebrouze and find a faint path with a few cairns and yellow paint marks. Go right past some rock bands and go up the true right bank, (left looking up,) of the torrent de Frebouze. Cross the torrent to the right to reach some grassy slopes above the rock bands. Pass in front of the Frebouze bivouac, (a shelter for 2 under a rock.) Go diagonally upwards towards the Frebrouze glacier. The bivvy hut is on a rock island in the middle of the glacier.

Remark 1 : The access is often tricky but never too desperate. The path is not always that well marked, but if you are climbing, you are not on the right route. There is a fixed hand rope just before the Frebouze
Remark 2 : Crossing the torrent de Frebouze can be a problem, (snow bridge, flood water. )

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