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The forums are dedicated to mountain sports and activities.
They are divided into forums specialized by type of activity (ski-touring, rock-climbing, mountaineering) and by theme. They are accessible without subscription and without identification, both for reading and posting (adding new messages). But identification is possible.

Rights and duties of the reader

Each reader of the forums must respect intellectual rights of the authors. He must notably pay attention no to broadcast and reproduce the public contributions of the forums on other forums or back-ups without the authorization of their authors.

Each reader can nonetheless reproduce the content of the forums for private use, or reproduce and broadcast short excerpts of a message for search and information use, by quoting the name of the forum and the name of the author (real name or pseudo).

Rights and duties of the contributor

The contributor remains the owner of its message and the intellectual rights that apply to it. Thus, the words hold on these forums are published under the responsibility of their authors. The contributor must respect applicable laws and people rights. Not exhaustively, violent messages, insulting, slanderous, racist or revisionnist words, subjects that do no respect applicable laws and content that reproduces without authorization a work protected by copyrights (e.g. press article) are forbidden. Do not forget that each contirbutor can be identified through its IP address if anybody lays charges.

The contributors are advised to respect in all times some basic courtesy rules that allow a debate to continue. Those rules forbid insults or slanders to a physical person. The libel of a product, a brandmark or a body corporate is not allowed either. This does not mean that argued critic is forbidden.

The contributor can at any time ask for the modification or removal of its own posts to the forum moderators. He should take care to provide the following information:

  • title
  • publication date
  • pseudo used
  • message URL

Note: It is advised no to communicate personal data (phone number, address) publiclcy on the forums.

Our forums being dedicated to discussions, the contributor cannot start a new subject and ask for its closure in the same time.

Write a message

The same message can be posted in a single forum only.
It must be written in correct english (or the language that applies). No SMS-like sentences.
Titles shouldn't be written in uppercase. The message body, except isolated words, neither. For this purpose, use the bold tag.
When you answer a message, for the sake of clarity, you can quote the part of the message your answer applies to. It is generally useless to quote the whole message. A few lines are enough.


The forums are moderated a posteriori, i.e. most of the messages are checked after they have been posted.

The moderators ensure that your contribution applies to the forum it is published on, respects the applicable laws and rules and allows a constructive debate. They reserve the right to refuse redundant messages, advertisement, slenderious, violent, racist, revisionist messages or posts that do not respect copyrights.

The fact that a message remains online does not mean that approves its content because each message remains the property of its author.

The moderators reserve the right to:

  • close a subject in order to stop a loss of control of the discussion
  • delete the totality of a subject, if the initial message is irrelevant

We encourage readers to report every contentious message. For this purpose, the readers can:

  • report a specific message (spam, insult) by clicking on "Report" in the message footer.
  • contact privately the moderators per email:

Referencing and storage of the messages

All contributions published on these forums may be referenced by search engines and thus read by people outside the scope of these forums.

The forums store all data that may allow the identification of the messages authors, and privately archive all messages. These informations may be delivered to judiciary authorities that may ask for it.

The content of the messages may also be passed on, in exceptional cases and after having been anonymized, for scientific or academic purposes.

Charter for the signature field

  • The signature's purpose is to communicate personal information for practial purposes (email address, link to a personal website...), or purely aesthetic or user-friendly reasons. It also allows to express its personal nature through e.g. a motto, a quote.
  • Advertisement, messages promoting doctrines, religions or political opinions are forbidden.
  • The rules of the forum also apply to the signature.

Charter of the avatar

  • The avatar's purpose is to communicate its personal nature.
  • Pictures representing political or religious opinions are forbidden.
  • The rules of the forum also apply to the avatar.

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