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- What is all this about?
- What is the website’s general philosophy?
- Why the name ""?
- How did the site develop?
- How to contribute to
- How can I customize the website?
- How to use the "wiki" tools?
- Is the information on the site checked and controlled?
- Who are the moderators?
- How to participate in the website’s development?

- Can I change my password? Update my email address?...
- Can I customize the language of the interface?
- Can I customize the language of the contents?
- On the forum, can I include an avatar or a signature in my messages? Can I hide other people’s avatars and signatures?
- Can I subscribe to avalanche bulletins and receive them by email?
- Can I activate a filter on a particular area? an activity? a language?
- Can I configure an rss flux on the guidebook’s outings? See also the article on using rss fluxes

Which activities are included in the guidebook?
How is information structured in the guidebook?
How to add an outing to the guidebook?
How to describe a route?
What are the main mistakes to avoid when writing up a route description?
Can images be inserted into a route description?
How to modify an existing route?
How to add a multi-route raid or a link-up of several summits?
Which grading system is used on the website?
How to create a summit? a crag or climbing site? An access point? A hut? How can these documents be modified?
How to georeference documents? How to visualize documents on the mapping tool?
How to look for information in the guidebook?

Is identification compulsory? Why identify?
About nicknames: can they be changed? Can two contributors have the same nickname?
Is there a charter? Are the forums moderated?
How are the forums organized?
In what order do messages appear? Can posters be contacted?
Can I follow unread messages?
How to create a discussion?
How do I post a message?
How to insert a URL in a message, or lay out my text?
Can insert a Avatar and a signature? Can I hide other people’s avatars and signatures?
How to search for old messages?

How to submit an article?
How to use the wiki tools?
What type of articles are available?
Can articles be illustrated by inserting images?
How can the text be formatted and laid-out?
How can links be included in the text?

- How to upload a photo to the album?
- How to associate a photo to an outing, a route or a summit?
- How to georeference a photo?

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Associated routes

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