Carrington Hut

Carrington Hut

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elevation: 820 m

waypoint_type: hut

capacity: 32

capacity_staffed: 32

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quality: fine



matress_unstaffed : yes

blanket_unstaffed : no

heating_unstaffed : yes

gas_unstaffed : no


The extensive hut has eight rooms: four bunk rooms (each with 3 sets of bunks in 3 tiers), a foyer, a washroom, and two living spaces (one with log burner).

Confortable hut situated below Arthur's Pass National Park's highest Peaks. The hut is used by hikers, hunters and mountaineers.

pedestrian access

3 hours walk from the road end near Klondyke Corner in dry conditions, longer if the flood tracks are used. About 3-4 hours from Barker Hut along the White River, 3-5 hours from Waimakariri Falls Hut, 7 hours from Julia Hut over Harman Pass, 9 hours from Park Morpeth Hut over Whitehorn and Harman Passes.

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