Matkov kot

Matkov kot

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maps_info: PZS - Grintovci ; Sidarta - Kamniško-Savinjske Alpe

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elevation: 870 m

waypoint_type: access

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quality: fine


public_transportation_rating: no service

parking_fee: no

snow_clearance_rating: naturally

road access

The road between Luče (Slovenia) and Eisenkappel (Austria) is the Slovenian 428 and the Austrian L132: the Pavlič pass road.

The road up the Matkov kot Valley branches to the SW approx. 6km upstream of Solčava, along road 428 (small signpost), 1km upstream of the place called Logarska Dolina.

Go up the Matkov kot Valley for approx. 2km (turn left at the fork), to the parking area at the next fork (fence).

Snow removal (winter): probably up to the first fork after leaving road 428.

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