Zeleniške Špice

2127 m

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elevation: 2127 m

waypoint_type: summit

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maps_info: Kamniško-Savinjske Alpe 1 : 25 000, Ed. Sidarta

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The Zeleniške Špice are several peaks, Najvišji Rob ("top edge") culminating at 2127m. A few meters below the top edge of Zeleniške Špice, Srebrno Sedlo ("silver col") connects the array with the SE side of Planjava. Downstream of Najvišji Rob, there is among others Debeli Špic (Big peak) at 1937m, Staničev Vrh (Stanič peak) at 1805m, and Kamniški Dedec ("the Kamnik man") at 1583m.

The peaks are bordered to the SE by the Kamniška Bela Valley and to the NW by the Sedelšček stream (Repov Kot valley), two tributaries of the Kamniška Bistrica.

Although not difficult, the crossing of the Zeleniške Špice peaks possibly requires experience in rope management. There are more than thirty routes in the entire group, with a vertical drop of 100m to 450m, including gullies in the winter and the Sedelšček icefall that regularly forms among the many water holes.

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