Frischaufov dom

Frischaufov dom

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maps_info: PZS - Grintovci ; Sidarta - Kamniško-Savinjske Alpe

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elevation: 1396 m

waypoint_type: hut

capacity: 6

capacity_staffed: 80

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quality: fine



phone: +386 41 380 177

custodianship : always_accessible


matress_unstaffed : yes

blanket_unstaffed : yes

heating_unstaffed : no

gas_unstaffed : no


Frischaufov dom
Frischaufov dom

The full name of the mountain hut is Frischaufov dom na Okrešlju (Frischauf hut at Okrešelj).
Note that the inscriptions may only mention : Frischaufov dom, or Okrešelj.

Activities :

  • Mountaineering : access to the rock faces of Mrzla gora (S face), Koroška Rinka, Štajerska Rinka, Mala Rinka and Turska gora.
  • Alpine Hiking : access to the Kamniško sedlo pass (Kamniška koča hut), the Savinjsko sedlo pass, the summits of Mrzla gora, Koroška Rinka and the other Rinkas, Skuta, Turska gora and Brana (Brana via the Kamniško sedlo pass).
  • Ski touring : Savinjsko sedlo pass, Turski žleb couloir.

pedestrian access


  • May 1st to late September.

  • In winter, on weekends in case of good weather.

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