Big Daddy : Alternative Climb

Big Daddy : Alternative Climb


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route_types: loop
durations: 1 day(s)

quality: medium





elevation min/max : 550 m / 650 m

height_diff: +400 m / -70 m

route_length: 2.0 km


Big Daddy dune is probably the most crowded dune of the Sossusvlei Canyon. Even if you won't escape your fellow tourists a the top, you can still take this alternate tour to go atop Big Daddy.

First Part

You may notice that everybody is going to the ridge of the dune in order to climb it. Well, to take this alternate path, you may keep the left and cross the dry (or wet, depending the season) lake. In front of you, a little sandy hill connects Big Daddy and the dune on your left. Cross it at the lowest point. On the other side, you will see another dry lake, but this one is more grey than white... At this point you can choose to follow the ridge you're on, to meet the normal route, 400m farther. Or, you can stay in the game and slip on the sand down to the grey lake.

Second Part

In the middle of the lake, you must have Bid Daddy's summit totally on your right. There is also a ridge that starts from the middle of your lake. Climb it. This ridge is making sort of S, and then you will have to climb 20m right in front of the slippy sandy slope to catch the summit ridge. Follow it and here you go!


Notice that climbing in the sand is much harder than on a concrete floor, as when you climb up 2 meters, you climb down 1 meter. It is even worse when you make the first track, what would probably be on this track.
Be also extremely careful with the heat that can be deadly.

Sensitive areas
There are sensitive areas on this route. Please refer to the map.


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