Alphubel : Par Langfluh
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Alphubel : Par Langfluh
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frequentation: quiet

condition_rating: average

partial_trip: yes

quality: great

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elevation min/max : 2870 m / 4206 m

height_diff: +1350 m / -2400 m


snow_quantity: good

snow_quality: average

glacier_rating: easy

avalanche_signs: recent_avalanche, natural_avalanche


participant_count: 2

Mikolaj, Camyla Fonseca


Pretty and technically easy route, yet currently it seems quite dry and exposed to ice and rough winds. Due to unexpected technical difficulties and no visible tracks around the summit, plus rapidly worsening conditions we gave up around 3900m, before the summit section.

weather and conditions

It started with a perfect blue sky and incredibly hot for February. In the sun it was impossible to keep even the softshell on.

With increasing wind, more than forecasted, the gusts became almost unbearable higher up. The tracks quickly vanished and with the sun getting covered later on it became extremely cold. Better be prepared for the full range of the temperatures.

Lower down a lot of fresh snow (15-20cm) on top of the hardpack being 2-3 weeks old. Pleasurable to ski but demanding to break the trail.
Higher up, around the plateau the snow got processed by the wind and became a wind crust, very hard to ski.

The track from the previous day at first fully windblown and covered with the snow becoming completely invisible higher up. The summit is protected by a barrier of séracs and blue ice that seems to be hard to cross on skis and looks drier than usual. Being a team of two and with worsening weather we decided to not pass it and retreat. Crampons and ice axe can to be necessary.

Until the steeper summit section the glacier is fairly easy to navigate, although it seems wise to keep the left side on the way up, due to the avalanche. On the way down its possible to make a straight line along the avalanche field. However, we were surprised uncovering numerous holes in one section, covered only with the fresh snow.

We have been the only team approaching the summit that day and there was only one other team of 4 the day before. As there were no tracks around the summit, possibly also without the success.


Significant natural avalanche visible in the middle of the slope. Could have been caused by a serac. Besides this next to no signs, but strong wind was present.


Started at 9.00 at Langfluh
Retreat from below the summit ~14.30
Back to Langfluh ~15.30

personal comments

A nice acclimatization trip, unluckily without a summit this time.

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