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How to get the best from camptocamp.org with your web browser.


Firefox, Opera, Safari...Summary

Recent versions of Firefox, Opera or webkit-based browsers (Safari, Google Chrome... ) generally work very well with camptocamp.org and provide the best experience.

If you use Firefox 2, you might experience problems accessing the login/logout and customization menus. We suggest you upgrade to the latest version of Firefox. Not only will this make camptocamp more enjoyable but Firefox 2 is no longer supported by Mozilla and security flaws and bugs are no longer fixed on that version of their browser.

Internet ExplorerSummary

The Microsoft browser has more problems, depending on the version you use:

  • The latest Internet Explorer version (ie9&8) work well. Internet Explorer 9 is the recommended version to use with c2c.
  • Internet Explorer 7 is quite well supported, although there are still a few glitches we try to get rid off.
  • Internet Explorer 6 is now more than 8 years old! It doesn't respect current web standards and maintaining the site for this specific browser costs us a lot of time. From now on, ie6 support will only be minimalistic (we will do 'the best we can').
  • If you use an even older version of Internet Explorer, we are not confident you can even read this message :)

Camptocamp.org on mobile devicesSummary


A mobile version of camptocamp is available at m.camptocamp.org. It is still work in progress, but should already give you a better browsing experience on your smartphone

Updating your web browserSummary

If you experience problems browsing camptocamp.org, we advise you to update your web browser or choose another one, among those well supported. This is especially true if you use Internet Explorer 6. This will allow you to better benefit from all the services provided by camptocamp.org as well as improve your internet experience overall, on other websites.

If you do not have administrator privileges (e.g. on you company desktop computer), you can still install Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera in parallel.

Some links : Firefox Internet Explorer 8 Safari Google Chrome Opera

Enhance browser supportSummary

All goodwills are welcome to help us enhance navigation on camptocamp.org for most web browsers. Contact us at

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