dislocated shoulder in Julierpass (piz emmat Dadora)
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event_type: person_fall, other

elevation: 2400

nb_participants: 7

nb_impacted: 1

severity: 4d_to_1m

author: Franco Pecchio

quality: fine





while descending in fog the skier has not seen a little jump and while landing has dislocated his left shoulder

perfect day of sun without wind, perfect snow (5-10 cm of fresh pow on hard old surface) and low avalanche risk.
slow uphill with a possible different descent for a longer downhill that avoid the 60 meters of going up from the lake to the hill.
on the top great panorama and even if clouds were coming from the low valley we stay and ate and took photos.
We started from the top when the fog was already there with the hope that was only question of minutes to have again sun and visibility, but it did not happen. We were all good skiers and we had our trace to follow for going back, thus no problem but the snow was nice to ski so, while some were following the track some other were skiing in line in fresh snow amusing themselves better.
At the point of deciding if go back on our traces or switch to the longer descent we decided for the second option as long, while ascending, we spot already two traces on that itinerary. While descending the second part the behavior was similar with some following the traces and some other skiing of track. Because of fog (and too much enthusiasm) it has not been seen or carefully taken, a small jump (1,5m) and while landing a shoulder has been dislocated. Frome there, because of fog it took 3 hours to the rescue team to come (first the guide with the doctor, then the four carrying the stretcher that got a bit lost in the fog).
long day many lesson learned


2400m, before the last slope that takes to the road of Julierpass (2060m)


already studied this itinerary as alternative for a trip of the ski touring school but it had been done because lack of snow one month ago.
But we came from the normal route from La Veduta and decided to perform the descent to the road for a longer downhill ski and to avoid the little part on foot from lake Grevasalvas to come back to the parking

conditions study

bad visibility, about 5-10 meters in deep fog/cloud. There were already two traces descending on the itinerary and we were following them


Luca was at his firs ski touring after two months break. He is a touring skiers used to 30-50 days of sky every season but last year he has become father, thus thus season he has badly reduced the number of day practicing.


overconfidence of the team leaders, willingness to play more the only day of ski in the last 3 months, unwill to go up on foot for 60 meter from lake grevasalvas instead of descending 300 meters more


we were 7, 4 not experienced ski tourer but good skiers, all have done a primary touring ski course at the local alpin club.
other three (including me and the blessed) are experienced ski tourer, all instructor at the local alpin club with more than 10-20 years of practioning (30-50 days of touring ski per year).
I had strings and materia for making a stretcher with the skis but we had not a rope (15-20m should be enough) for the breakers and a long neckband in order to try to carry the blessed in self rescuing. then Luca is some 85 kilos and was not possible to carry alone.
We digged two shelters in snow one for the blessed then one for us as long we started getting cold after two hours waiting


the fog, heavy and unexpected gave to the descend a higher risk in case of accident as happened. The avalanche risk was 2 and the snow almost perfect (see my report on the same day).


we lost 10-20 minutes on the top for feeding instead of descending fast while the visibility was already acceptable, at least in the first half of the descent. We were confident on our experience on following our tracks (as happened). From firs call to when the guide and the doctor came passed 3 hours. Luca reached the road on the stretcher 4hours after the accident. 1hour after the firs call we were almost ready with our self made stretcher but was unusable because of lacking of a rope for breakers.


the fog did not permit to the helicopter coming safely, so they had to come by skis dilate the time of rescue: it took 6 people to come with the stretcher. 4 people for the stretcher plus a guide (Marcel) and the doctor


on the followed itinerary there were already two tracks that we were following carefully (but not all, some were more confident with snow). The shortness of the itinerary gave to the group the feeling that was faster than going back on our traces.
after the accident we were able to connect our mobile and calling, many times the rescue. With our apps on the smartphone we were able to give exact position to the rescue team.


if we had enough material for our self stretcher we might have done a self rescue. Better if the blessed were lighter than Luca...
unfortunately I had not my therm blanket (not bought a new one after last use): Luca was really freezing after 3 hours in fog and snow even if wasn't a cold day.

note: the personal information filled are about the witness of the accident who was also leading the group


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