Hoher Trog : East - Avalanche and Lost ski
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event_type: avalanche

elevation: 1950

nb_participants: 1

nb_impacted: 1

avalanche_level: level_2

severity: severity_no

author: Capitan Marmota

quality: medium





On the way down from Hoher Trog, I was navigating between the rocks and holes of the Dachstein plateau, trying to find the best way to reach the main track back to the hut.
In the bad visibility (cloudy, so impossible to judge the slopes and bumps), I did not realise that I went in some kind of bowl with steep sides. As soon as I went it, a slab went down.

I fell, my ski went under the snow as I was carried a few meters down. I wasn't buried at all as I stayed on top of the snow, but after more than an hours of digging, I couldn't find my ski.

As I still had to get all the way down, I had to leave my ski somewhere under the snow, and go back once the snow melts.


I was on a route that was on the map (but the ski-routes on the map aren't that precise). On the way up, I went very close by and didn't remember anything particular about that area. I was more careful about the slopes higher up, as they were steeper over longer distances (and therefore, more noticeable)

conditions study

Very windy -> I was kind of expecting wind slabs, and was looking out for them in other areas, where the slopes and snow didn't look promising. I changed my routes trying to avoid potential slabs in some areas.


I was more attentive of slabs higher up, where it was steeper. I turned around a bit higher up to avoid a steep part (also because I wasn't sure if that part was rock-free).
Where the avalanche happened was on a plateau with sink-holes, so I was thinking more about not losing height and not falling in the holes than avalanches.


Bad visibility meant that I didn't realise that the slope was steeper in that part.


I was fine, as most of the snow went on the side of me but I lost a ski that got buried in the middle

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