bamiyan center

bamiyan center

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elevation: 2500 m

waypoint_type: access

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quality: medium



elevation_min: 2500 m

elevation: 2500 m


public_transportation_rating: good service

snow_clearance_rating: often

road access

The Roads from Kabul are very dangerous (2015-2016) and foreign people cannot use it (taliban check points). There is flights from Kabul. Commercial flights or UNHAS flight (ask Norband Qalaa hotel or bamiyan ski club to book UNHAS ticket).

Nearby accomodation, restaurants and cultural heritage

food and accommodation available 24/7 in Bamiyan center.
For touristic information, go to the buddhas tourist center or meet the guides from bamiyan ski club (in 2016, office in carwanserail, close to the buddhas). They offer horse riding, hiking, biking, ski, snowshoes... They can organize flight, accomodation and local transportation.

public transportation access

Taxis and collective taxis available in bazar to go in each sub-valley of foladi valley, yakawlang, band e amir,
few buses going in the main places around Bamiyan


During the spring, the road is quickly cleared by sun and by the people. during the winter, the access can be close during complete weeks.

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