San Vito - Pineta

San Vito - Pineta

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elevation: 45 m

waypoint_type: climbing_outdoor

climbing_outdoor_types: single

children_proof: safe

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quality: medium




climbing_rating_max: 6c+

climbing_rating_min: 2


climbing_styles: vertical


Lower sector

Name Grade Height Comments
L1 Grumpy 5c 8m
L2 Dozy 3b 9m
L3 Dopy 2c 9m
L4 Sneezy 4b 9m
L5 Bashful 5c 8m
L6 Doc 5c 8m
L7 Happy 6a 8m

Upper sector

L8 Fast Cars and Freedom 6c
L9 Retrobolter 6a+ 28m
L10 Thin Red Line 6b
L11 Now It's History 6c+
L12 Öber Hit 6b+
L13 Carly 5b
L14 Carly B 6b
L15 Dumbo 5a
L16 The Punchline 2 6b
L17 Big Ears 5a
L18 Flapper 6a+
L19 Snow White 4a 8m
L20 Razorhead 5c
L21 Baying for Blood 6a+
L22 Pump it Up 6b
L23 Little White Bull 5c
L24 Tractors in Ukranian 5c
L25 Via Gogna 6a
L26 Brave Old Way 6a
L27 Straight into Heaven 6b
L28 Forza 6c
L29 Grazialone Rich 5c
L30 Diedro Makari 6a+
L31 Ave 5c
L32 Bella Italia 6a
L33 Pretty Woman 6b+
L34 The Sound of Cows 6a
L35 Welcome to Sicily 6a+
L36 Via Lucertola 5a
L37 Spigolo 5c
L38 Joyride 6b+
L39 El Schuppo 6a
L40 Traumpfeiler 6a
L41 Il Parallelo 6b
L42 Finale Grande 6b+
L43 Hinkfuss 6b 26m
L44 Via del Grotte 6b 28m
L45 Blutbad 6c 28m ## Remarks
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