San Vito - Bunker

San Vito - Bunker

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elevation: 10 m

waypoint_type: climbing_outdoor

rock_types: calcaire
climbing_outdoor_types: single

children_proof: safe

routes_quantity: 49

best_periods: oct, nov, apr, mar, feb

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quality: medium




climbing_rating_max: 7a+

climbing_rating_min: 4a


elevation: 10 m

height min/max : 15 m / 35 m



Name Grade Height Comments
L1 Tick 5a On 6mm resin bolts.
L2 Trick 5a On 6mm resin bolts.
L3 Track 5a On 6mm resin bolts.
L4 Aligator 6b 25m
L5 Kaiman 5c 29m
L6 Leguan 6a 28m
L7 Waran 6a 30m
L8 Kaktus 5b 12m On 6mm resin bolts.
L9 Ruck Zuck 6a 13m On 10mm expansion bolts.
L10 Arrivederci Ingrid 5c+ 30m On 6mm resin bolts.
L11 Il ritorno 5c 25m On 6mm resin bolts.
L12 Via Kuchenclub 5b 22m On 6mm resin bolts.
L13 Vai a sinistra 5a 18m On 6mm resin bolts.
L14 Fessurina 5c 20m On 6mm resin bolts.
L15 Happy Ötzis 5c+ 20m On 6mm resin bolts.
L16 La piccola 5b+ 12m On 10mm expansion bolts.
L17 Il Nonno 5c 18m
L18 La Nonna 5b 16m
L19 La Femmina 5b 22m
L20 Lavoro di Domenica 5c
L21 Für Christian 5c
L22 Due Giganti Sulla Roccia 6a+
L23 Per Giorgio Il Mio Amico 6a
L24 Climb Easy 4a
L25 Red Arête 5c
L26 Right Wall 6a
L27 Giant Slalom 6a
L28 Lo Stagnone 6a
L29 Tanti Auguri Daniele 6b
L30 Blitz Und Donner 7a+
L31 Dall'alba al Tramonto 6c
L32 Sposerò Pippicalzelunghe 6a+
L33 Il Ritorno dei Nomadi 6c+ ## Remarks
Some route names are written at the bottom of them.

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