Vrh Rup

2245 m

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elevation: 2245 m

waypoint_type: summit

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maps_info: 1 : 25 000 : Jalovec in Mangart (ed PZS) ; Bovec-Trenta (ed Sidarta) ; Tabacco 19

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From a hiker's point of view, Rup Vrh is quite out of reach. This is also not a prominent peak. The summit of Vrh Rup is probably more often reached by climbers, especially in winter, or along the traverse of the ridge, or by hunters. Nevertheless, Vrh Rup is historically distinguished. In the past, only locals (mainly game beaters) knew a few ways of reaching the summit ridge of Loška Stena from the Koritnica Valley, from the village of Log pod Mangartom. In 1909, the Slovenian climber and author Henrik Tuma became the first tourist to reach the summit ridge of Loška Stena, accompanied by members of the Černuta family. The route starts in the village of Log itself (650m) and after passing the Parabola waterfall, it manages a large "cone" covered with vegetation. The crux is the top wall that the Tumova/Lovska crosses diagonally from right to left and thus reaches the summit of Vrh Rup.

Vrh Rup gained fame again when winter ascents of the ravine between Vrh Rup and Oblica ( "Grapa med Vrh Rup in Oblico") became popular. "Lukežev led", an icefall (WI) that forms on the pedestal, is also a winter classic.

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