Nagisodake 南木曽岳

Nagisodake 南木曽岳

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elevation: 1620 m

waypoint_type: hut

capacity: 10

capacity_staffed: 10

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quality: medium


matress_unstaffed : no

blanket_unstaffed : no

heating_unstaffed : no

gas_unstaffed : no


This hut seems to be opened all year long, and provides lot of space, maybe 10 to 15 sleeping places.

I could not find a water source near it.

There are toilets just near the hut, and a view point just north of it, where one can admire Ontake mount and a part of Eastern Alps chain.

pedestrian access

Accesses from either Nagiso or from pass south of the summit, something like 2h to 3h30 to climb.



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