Koča na Klemenči jami

Koča na Klemenči jami

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maps_info: PZS - Grintovci ; Sidarta - Kamniško-Savinjske Alpe

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elevation: 1208 m

waypoint_type: hut

capacity_staffed: 36

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quality: fine


url: http://www.pzs.si/koce.php?pid=93

phone: +386 51 708 063

custodianship : accessible_when_wardened


matress_unstaffed : no

blanket_unstaffed : no

heating_unstaffed : no

gas_unstaffed : no


The full name of the mountain hut is Koča na Klemenči jami pod Ojstrico (Mountain hut at Klemenča jama below Ojstrica). The hut is located under the N face of Ojstrica. When the hut is not staffed, it is possible to find shelter in the old cabin.

pedestrian access


  • Staffed in July and August.
  • March to June, and September to October : staffed on weekends in case of good weather.

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