Jezersko - Ravenska Kočna

Jezersko - Ravenska Kočna

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maps_info: 1 : 25 000 : Kamniško-Savinjske Alpe (ed. Sidarta), Grintovci (ed. PZS).

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elevation: 997 m

waypoint_type: access

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quality: fine


elevation_min: 965 m

elevation: 997 m


public_transportation_types: bus

public_transportation_rating: nearby service

parking_fee: no

snow_clearance_rating: progressive

road access

Jezersko (Zgornje Jezersko) is a town located along the road between Kranj (Slovenia) and Eisenkappel (Austria), downstream (on the Slovenian side) of the border pass Jezerski vrh / Seebergsattel. Road 210 in Slovenia, and road 82 in Austria.

  • There are two big valleys at Jezersko : Ravenska Kočna and Makekova Kočna.

Ravenska Kočna valley

At approx. 1,5 km upstream of the town center, turn SE, off the main road (210) - signposted Planšarsko jezero (lake) and Kranjska koča. Shortly after the lake, the road becomes macadamized. At forks, follow the signs for Kranjska koča, Ledine. Parking lot at the fence.

Makekova Kočna valley

Large parking lot in the center of Zgornje Jezersko.

public transportation access

Regular bus line from Kranj (except weekends). --bus info for Slovenia (enter Kranj and Jezersko).
_Ravenska Kočna_ : bus station Jezersko Jezero, on road 210, at the fork.
_Makekova Kočna_ : bus station Jezersko Kazina (at the parking lot in the center of Zgornje Jezersko).


In case of heavy snow (in winter), the road leading up the Ravenska Kočna valley is often only cleared up to the Ancelj farm.
Road 210 (Slovenia) and 82 (Austria) are regularly cleared.

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