San Vito - Camping

San Vito - Camping

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elevation: 10 m

waypoint_type: climbing_outdoor

rock_types: calcaire
climbing_outdoor_types: single

rain_proof: exposed

children_proof: safe

routes_quantity: 39

best_periods: dec, jan, mar, oct, nov, feb

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quality: medium




climbing_rating_max: 7b+

climbing_rating_min: 2


elevation: 10 m

height min/max : 6 m / 16 m



Pizzeria sector

Name Grade Height Comments
L1 Pizza 2c 8m
L2 Pasta 2c 9m
L3 Gelati 2c 9m
L4 Senior momente 5b+ 12m
L5 Foot up 5b 12m
L6 Frankische 5b 14m
L7 Destination unknown 5b 14m
L8 ?? ? 8m On expansion bolts.
L9 ?? ? 8m On expansion bolts.
L10 One step beyond 6a 15m
L11 I feel weak 7a 13m

Orchid sector

L12 Green wing 4c 14m
L13 Spider 5c+ 14m
L14 Fragrant 5c+ 14m
L15 Butterfly 5a 14m
L16 Giant 4a 13m
L17 Bee 4a 13m Same belay as Giant route.
L18 Wasp 5b+ 25m

El Bahira

L19 Delusion 6b+
L20 Conclusion 5c
L21 Pullution 7b+
L22 Gehe Duschen 6b
L23 Solution 5a
L24 Susie 6a
L25 Für Sophia 4a
L26 Two Girls... 4c
L27 Easy Outer 5c
L28 E.J.A 6a+
L29 Redhead 6a+
L30 Red Planet 6a
L31 Last Orders 5c
L32 JWLG 6a+
L33 Anita 5a 20m
L34 Teifi 5a 13m
L35 Blue 6b+ 14m
L36 Benny 5b 15m
L37 Trouble 5c 15m
L38 Windstorm 6b
L39 White Wall 7a
L40 Edge 5a
L41 Petra 6b
L42 Lucilla 6b
L43 Edge 5a
L44 Panorama 6b

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