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elevation: 850 m

waypoint_type: access

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quality: medium


elevation_min: 850 m

elevation: 850 m


public_transportation_types: train, bus

public_transportation_rating: good service

snow_clearance_rating: often

road access

Possibility to drive 4km up the valley, until 1080m. The road is then closed to general traffic (parking lot)
Cycling is possible all the way to the goods lift (2200m) below the Kuersinger Huette (if there isn't too much snow on the road...)

Taxi service available to the snow line / goods lift (2200m) below the Kuersinger Huette

public transportation access

Train from Zell am See.
Stops in Neukrichen, Sulzbachtaler and Rosental.
Rosental is the closest to go to Kuersinger Huette

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