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elevation: 3823 m

waypoint_type: summit

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Gumachi is rated 1B to 2A according to the Russian grading system. In comparison, Elbrus is a 2A and that tells you those peak are a little bit harder, technically speaking, because Elbrus is higher in altitude. Gumachi is often traversed. The normal way to do it is to ascent the peak from the NE's snowy ridge and climb down on rocks to SW. Some commercial climbing companies have lately started to use Gumachi as an acclimatization peak for Elbrus, even though it's located in a different part of the Caucasus. It takes 1+1 day of trekking and 1+1 hour of driving to travel in between Elbrus and Gumachi base camps. On a clear day, you'll have fantastic views of the beautiful, but evil-looking peak Ushba, the pointed Djan Tugan and the black rock pyramid Bashkara.

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