Precipizio di Strem

Precipizio di Strem

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  • Swisstopo - 43 - Sopra Ceneri
  • Swisstopo - 277 - Roveredo
  • Swisstopo - 1295 - Grono Ost / Sciora West



elevation: 1600 m

waypoint_type: summit

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quality: medium


Parete impressionante che sovrata il piccolo abitato di Corte terza.
Information from May 2016 : due to an exceptional nidification of protected eagles, climbing is forbidden in the whole cliff (we understood until August 2016, but this is to be checked).
At the parking place, there are several clear information on this ban, thanks to strictly respect this rule. High fines can be given otherwise.
For your information, there is another nice route to climb on the way in the valley : Filo d'Ariano (6b slab, but unfortunately 6b obligatory. This key 6b pitch can be avoided by walking on the right of the cliff).

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