Myoko, golf entrance

Myoko, golf entrance

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elevation: 700 m

waypoint_type: access

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quality: medium



elevation_min: 700 m

elevation: 700 m


public_transportation_types: bus

public_transportation_rating: good service

snow_clearance_rating: often

road access

By car, follow the highway until Myoko-kogen (妙高高原), and then follow Myoko-kogen (妙高高原) and Akakura Onsen (赤倉温泉).
Look for the hotels' signs: the start is on the left hand side, right after the signs for the Mordegal club (モルゲダール倶楽部) and the woody house Kazamidori hotel (ウッデイハウス風見鶏). There's a bus stop and a birght red phone booth at the corner of the road.

Nearby accomodation, restaurants and cultural heritage

There are lots of hotels in Myoko. Make sure you book them beforehand as Myoko may be crowded on the week ends.

public transportation access

With the train until Myoko-kogen (妙高高原駅) and then take a bus.


Myoko-kogen (妙高高原) is a well-known ski resort, so the snow on the roads is regularly taken care of. Still, in case of heavy falls, stud-less tire are recommended.

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