Tsukuba (Tokyo) - Spole Climbing Gym

Tsukuba (Tokyo) - Spole Climbing Gym

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waypoint_type: climbing_indoor

climbing_indoor_types: pitch

routes_quantity: 40

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quality: medium



climbing_rating_max: 8c+

climbing_rating_min: 4b

climbing_rating_median: 6b


climbing_styles: crack_dihedral, slab, vertical, overhang, small_pillar



A simple but well-made bouldering area, with 4 sections:

  • slab
  • vertical
  • slight overhang (100 degrees)
  • big overhang (125 degrees)

A very high-roofed route area! Around 15 meters I guess. You have to bring your own rope, or rent one.


The way to identify routes and problems is the same: color tape - bars, crosses, squares or arrows - next to each hold. It's a bit messy at first, but this way you can create an almost unlimited number of routes/problems with the same holds.

External resources

Official website (English)
Official website (Japanese, but you can enjoy the pictures)

pedestrian access

The building in which the gym is is called the "You World". Most people in Tsukuba should be able to guide you there.

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