Rifugio Cristina (Val Malenco SO)

Rifugio Cristina (Val Malenco SO)

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  • Swisstopo - 44 - Passo del Maloja
  • Swisstopo - 278 - Monte Disgrazia



elevation: 2287 m

waypoint_type: hut

capacity: 8

capacity_staffed: 24

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quality: medium


url: http://rifugiocristina.altervista.org/Rifugio_Cristina/Benvenuto.html

phone: +39 0342 452398 cell: 3393574221

custodianship : always_accessible


matress_unstaffed : yes

blanket_unstaffed : yes

heating_unstaffed : no

gas_unstaffed : yes


Description of the place:
Rifugio Cristina is located in Alpe Prabello (Lanzada-Sondrio, Italy), on the shortest way to Pizzo Scalino mountain, among green pasture lands and wild flowers, and crowned by majestic mountains. To reach it we first have to drive from Sondrio to Campo Franscia (Lanzada) and then we have to go ahead for 2.5 miles on a newly paved road, with steep hairpin turns, that leads to Campo Moro (ft. 5518 above sea level).

Kompass Map: 93 C5

pedestrian access


First Route: from Campomoro. It takes 1.30 hour walking.

We leave our car in the large car park nearby Rifugio Zoia, in front of the artificial lake Alpe Gera, and we walk. It takes ten minutes to walk up the steep stony path, to reach Rifugio Zoia (ft.5661), the first rifugio we see on our way. The path continues on the left, and already we can admire the imposing pyramid of Pizzo Scalino (ft. 9308) which we go next to, while, on the other side, we can see the lake below Campomoro (see photo). Walking among pines and rhododendrons, we pass under a large boulder, placed on other stones to form a tunnel. For a while the path is level, with an overlooking view on the lake Alpe Gera and the overlying glacier Fellaria (on the left we also can see Rifugio Bignami, ft.6680), and we continue to walk among rocks and few larches.
What spectacular views! We keep on walking and we reach a large protruding boulder equipped, as well as the next wall, for climbing with several climbing routes (fifth, sixth and seventh grade). After a short descent, we start again to walk up and pass nearby a small aqueduct, then we pass in several streams that cross the road. We find the path 1B, now Pizzo Scalino stands in front of us, in all its majesty (see photo). We reach the valley where the huts of Campagneda are located, we cross a bridge over a river and we can see Rifugio Ca’ Runcasch, then we cross the road described in the Second Route to take a marked path (Rifugio Cristina 30 minutes).
We proceed through meadows and pass a wooden bridge. In ascent, we reach a plateau (where beautiful rhododendrons bloom in summer), where we have to cross a small bridge on a small stream. Then, ignoring a path on the right, we continue to go up to another plateau, at the center of which is another stream. During the thawing the ground is easily soaked or muddy. Another slope and already appears, in the distance, the church of Our Lady of Peace, at the bottom of Alpe Prabello . Now we take the higher path on the left. We ignore a path on the right (that goes down to Sasso dell'agnello - Campo Franscia) and we reach a small village. Rifugio Cristina is in front of us. We go beyond some huts and some streams and reach it.

Second Route: from the road that leads to Campo Moro. It takes 1.15 hours walking.

Driving to Campomoro, after the second of eight tunnels (ft. 5490), on the right, begins the road that leads to Alpe Campagneda, to Rifugio Ca' Runcasch and to Rifugio Cristina. The first part of the road is drivable, but it's better to park and to walk. After the first bend we see, up on the left, the glacier Fellaria. At about ft.5600 of altitude, traffic is closed to unauthorized vehicles. We have a steep slope and then the road is level, but it's still unpaved. Proceeding slightly uphill, we can see a path on the right that "cut” a couple of hairpin turns, we can go both the ways. The steep cemented road continues and then cross the path. On the level land we have ahead, we go beyond a cross and we can see, on the right, the first detour to Rifugio Cristina, but we decide to walk up to the Alpe Campagneda and take the next detour.
To reach Rifugio Ca' Runcash it takes 20 minutes. We go beyond some huts and a small bridge. Proceeding slightly uphill, nearby a bend, a stream forms a small waterfall. At the next bend, near another bridge, and in view of Rifugio Ca' Runcasch, we find the path described in the First Route, which comes from Rifugio Zoia and leads us to our destination: Rifugio Cristina

To Pizzo Scalino (ft. 9308) 2.30 hours
To Lake Campagneda (ft. 6974) 0.30 hours
To Passo di Campagneda
To Lake Montagnoni 0.20 hours
To Passo degli Ometti (ft. 7725)
To Val di Togno


Only Summer opening

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