Refuge du Glacier Blanc

Refuge du Glacier Blanc

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  • IGN - 3436ET - Meije - Pelvoux - Parc national des Écrins



elevation: 2542 m

waypoint_type: hut

capacity: 35

capacity_staffed: 131

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quality: medium



phone: +33 (0)4 92 23 50 24

custodianship : always_accessible

phone_custodian: +33 (0)6 83 05 71 04


matress_unstaffed : yes

blanket_unstaffed : yes

heating_unstaffed : no

gas_unstaffed : no

pedestrian access


L'Argentière la Bessée > Vallouise > Pelvoux > Ailefroide > Le pré de Mme Carle. Generally the road is open until the entry of Pré Mme Carle in spring, just before the place called "camp des militaires". The HD are indicated from this point. However, depending on the snow cover, the road may be closed at the Ailefroide exit (until around mid April, add an hour), or Claux à Pelvoux tunnel (until around the beginning of April, add two hours). For information call Pelvoux town hall at

Day 1: If the road is not open until Pré de Mme Carle, start by following it cutting across some bends until the meadow. Go past Cézanne refuge and go up the south slope right bank of the torrent of Glacier Blanc, primarily along the path of the summer trail. This slope dries quickly during the season, while the meadow may still be covered with much snow. Above point 2163m a rock band cuts across the slope. Cross it via the trail if it is visible, if not slightly more to the east, be careful the slope is steep (S3) and exposed.

By ascending traverses you then reach the broad flat area at the foot of the final arm of Glacier Blanc. This entire first part is exposed to avalanches due to strong snow cover.

Pass to the left bank of the dale and climb in the direction of Glacier Blanc refuge which is visible. Go up the dale until near the rock barriers dominated by the seracs of the glacier, and climb NE in a steep corridor (S3) emerging to the west of the refuge. Sometimes it is more comfortable to climb this corridor on foot. (It takes 2 hours from Cézanne refuge to Glacier Blanc refuge 2550 m).

Écrins refuge (CAF, French Alpine Club) generally open from the last weekend in April, refuge telephone:, caretaker Laurent Vernet telephone, CAF Briançon telephone without caretaker, open in winter, no kitchen, provide own equipment, Glacier Blanc refuge (CAF, French Alpine Club) generally open 2 weeks earlier, altitude 2550 m, telephone

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