Glyder Fach : Tryfan North Ridge and Bristly Ridge

Glyder Fach : Tryfan North Ridge and Bristly Ridge


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durations: 1 day(s)

climbing_outdoor_type: multi

quality: fine




elevation min/max : 310 m / 994 m

height_diff_up: 900 m





Climb up staircase on left side of stone wall before reaching the Milestone Buttress and ascent first shoulder of N Ridge. Just find your way up the ridge, there is scrambling for all grades starting from grade 1 (UK) to real climbing!! On the top you find two boulders called Adam and Eve (Don't forget to climb one of them and jump to the other!) - that's Tryfan summit (910m)

Descend via S Ridge of Tryfan down to saddle on 730m then follow the stone wall and start ascending Glyder Fach. Keep right of the stone wall, follow it up to the base of the first crags of the ridge. Up the gully - then right - up a short gully - then left (man made wall) - follow gully until it steepens and take to the left to a rib - up the rib then right - continue on slabby shoulder.
Scramble over pinnacles - descend to Great Pinnacle Gap - follow up to reach the plateau - reach Glyder Fach (994m)


Cross the plateau from Glyder Fach to Glyder Fawr (999m) then follow the cairns NW then N to Devil's kitchen. Descend the stairs and reach a lake (Llyn Idwa)at 380m. Take its E border
1) either walk down N: turn right and walk along the road back to the parking or
2) climb up a small trail on the E border of lake to reach Llyn Bochlwd (lake) at 555m - take a small path N on boggy ground which will lead you back down to the parking at Milestone Buttress.


In foggy conditions it is advisable to take a compass to find the way from Glyder Fach to Glyder Fawrn on the plateau and then down to Devil's kitchen - there are some cairns but some parts are not obvious.
The rest of the route is rather obvious - there are variations possible.

Difficulty varies from easy to difficult - you can choose to scramble up easier or harder routes. (You can even choose a non-scambling walk on the left hand side of both ridges).

Best Scramling in Wales! The rock is very stable and great for climbing. No grassy bits - pure rock!!


Snowdownia National Park:
from Manchester: M56 to Chester - exit 16 to A550 - A55 to Bangor - at Bagor take the A5 to Llyn Ogwen (lake) - park on a lay-by with parking (306m) in the middle of the border of the lake


Youth Hostel at Llyn Ogwen (lake at starting point)

Sensitive areas
There are sensitive areas on this route. Please refer to the map.



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