Mont Fourchon : Via the Grand St Bernard Hospice

Mont Fourchon : Via the Grand St Bernard Hospice


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  • Swisstopo - 46 - Val de Bagnes
  • Swisstopo - 292 - Courmayeur
  • Swisstopo - 1365 - Grand-St-Bernard
  • Escursionista - ESC05 - Gran San Bernardo - Ollomont



route_types: return_same_way
durations: 1 day(s)

quality: medium


2.1 / E1
PD / S2


elevation min/max : 1947 m / 2902 m

height_diff: +1250 m / -1250 m

route_length: 13.166 km




Ascent 1

route up mont fourchon
route up mont fourchon

From the parking at Bourg St Bernard, (by the tunnel entrance), follow the road to the bridge, then stay on the true right bank and go up the Combe des Morts to the Hospice at the Col du Grand St Bernard. Nearly always very well tracked.

Descent 1

From the hospice follow the road along the side of the lake, past the Swiss/Italian frontier and descend, (sometimes through a road tunnel,) to Montagna Baou (2356m).

Ascent 2

Go up the cwm between the Tour des Fous and the dominant rock on the right. Continue NW, then W to the summit.

Descent 2

By the same route

Variant (AD/S3)
For the descent, take a gully that starts at the col between the Fourchon and the Pain de Sucre, facing S. Superb slopes that go down to the Grand Saint Bernard road on the Italian side. Then climb back up to the hospice following more or less the line of the road. This adds 250m of climbing but well worth it if the conditions are good.


Height gains: 550m + 550m + 150m
An area exposed to winds, be careful of wind slab.
At the end of the season, when the road is open, it is possible to drive all the way to Montagna Baou on the Italian side of the Gd St Bernard pass. Sometimes possible to do up to the end of June, with a height gain of 450m. There are possibilites to extend the outing, exploring the various ESE slopes below the ridge between the Fourchon and the Fenêtre de Ferret, which hold the snow late. In particular, the summit at 2885m merits a visit.

Sensitive areas
There are sensitive areas on this route. Please refer to the map.



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