Vanil Noir : travers from Le Patchalet

Vanil Noir : travers from Le Patchalet


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  • Swisstopo - 41 - Col du Pillon
  • Swisstopo - 262 - Rochers de Naye
  • Swisstopo - 1245 - Château-d'Oex



route_types: loop
durations: 1 day(s)

quality: medium




elevation min/max : 1173 m / 2388 m

height_diff_up: 1375 m




From Le Patchalet take the road that climb SE toward Tissiniva/col de Bounavalette. At 1400m leave the main road and take the path to col de Bounavalette.
At the col (1996m) take the path that climb the arret to the E, it is marked in blu/white paint, this path follow the arret for 150mm and then travers to the left to reach the arret Galere where there is a bifurcation.

From the bifurcation 2 options:
- a sign point to the blue/white path that take to the summit of the Vanil Noir on the E side of the Tête de l'Herbette
- clib directly the arret, travers the Tête de l'Herbette and continue on the arret until the Pas de la Boriere, then follow the path to the summit.

From the summit of the Vanil Noir descend the arret SE until you find a path (50m) that travers to the Plan des Eaux under the Vanil Noir. From the Plan des Eaux follow the path until the Bounavaux hut (1620m). Just before the hut take the bifurcation tovard the col de Tsermon/Le Patchalet. From the col (1780m) follow the path that descend to Le Patchalet.


The difficulties are concentrated from the col de Bounavette to the end of the descend from the Plan des Eaux. The snow stay long on the NE side of the Vanil Noir. The arret and the travers are exposed and there are cables/chains to facilitate some part of the path from Plan des Eaux to The Vanil Noir. The passage of the Pas de la Boriere is delicate and exposed (cables in place).

Other summits may be climbed in the same day without taking too much time: Vanil D'Ecri, Tsermon, Vanil du Van

Sensitive areas
There are sensitive areas on this route. Please refer to the map.


Piolet may be usefull if early in the season and there is a lot of snow.

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