Les Agudes : The traverse of the Montseny

Les Agudes : The traverse of the Montseny


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route_types: traverse
durations: 1 day(s)

quality: medium


elevation min/max : 135 m / 1706 m

height_diff: +2100 m / -2500 m

route_length: 48.0 km


Get off the train at els Hostalets de Balenyà and go along the tracks until you see a street that leads to a dirt road that goes up following the right side of the torrent de Vallossera. Pass la Casanova del Muntanyà, continue to the E and take a paved road that you need to follow to the left. Leave it just after a while and head to el Muntanyà. As you reach it, turn left and follow a rough road that winds its way up but keeps on going to the E up to a golf course. Skirt around it to the right.

After crossing the stream that drains the golf course (Riera de l’Afrau), take the dirt road that goes up the Serrat de Gatillepa (GR2) till you see a paved road that leads to el Brull. Once in the village, turn right and follow the road to Collformic and leave it immediately to take a track that goes to the N. The road branches just beyond: leave the GR and go to the right towards puig Castellar. Before arriving there, leave the road and take a track that bypasses the summit by the S and that continues (cairns) along a crest (with an electrical tower on top of it) till el Pla de la Castanyera. Cross this plain and, not far from there, find a track that leads towards the Pomereta fountain. Just before arriving there, leave the road and take a path that branches off to the right, climbs a crest and continues until the Turó dels Esqueis and the Pla dels Cent Sous, where there’s a new junction. Turn left and, as you reach the Torrent dels Rentadors, take a small track (cairns) that climbs to the NE towards el Pla dels Ginebres, situated on a crest that you have to follow to the right until the summit of Matagalls.

From the summit, continue to the E to Pregon pass and Sant Marçal pass (restaurant). Continue for a while along the paved road of Santa Fe del Montseny, till you reach el pla d’en Mont, where we take a track that goes up to the SE towards els Castellets, which is a succession of rock pinnacles amid of which the track meanders towards the last part of the climb, the steepest section. Scale it (II, no equipment needed) to the top of les Agudes.

Follow a well-trodden path along the ridge that goes to Sesbasses pass. A rough road ending there will lead you to the summit of Turó de l’Home. Descend to the N and find a track that switchbacks through the forest to Santa Fe (signs). Walk past the two restaurants and keep on going to the E to go around the reservoir by the S. On the dam, a track allows you to join a rough road further below that goes down along la Riera de Gualba. Just after crossing a pipe and before the next turn of the road, take a path that goes up to the right and that leads you to a road that descends towards Can Pareres Nou. Take the road that passes in front of the house and which afterwards flanks the slope up to a junction. Turn left towards Can Perepoc (signs and GR indications) and go down to the Sot del Purgatori.

GR-5 goes past Campins and continues along a road that slightly descends to the ESE down to Sant Celoni. To get to the train station, when you reach the railway, turn right and follow a road that eventually goes along the Riera del Pertegàs. Cross it and make it to the station through the streets of Sant Celoni.


Sensitive areas
There are sensitive areas on this route. Please refer to the map.


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