Monte Adamello : E ridge - from Val Genova via Rifugio Mandrone and Passo Venezia
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Monte Adamello : E ridge - from Val Genova via Rifugio Mandrone and Passo Venezia
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frequentation: crowded

condition_rating: excellent

quality: medium

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F+     II 


elevation min/max : 1582 m / 3538 m

elevation_access: 1584 m

height_diff: +2250 m / -1113 m

length_total: 23.343 km


public_transport: yes

hut_status: open_guarded


glacier_rating: easy


Capitan Marmota, +1

weather and conditions

Sunny, very hot, no wind. Some clouds that came on us just at the summit, but then stayed on the other side.

Route followed:
Saturday: Malga Bedole -> Rifugio Mandrone
Sunday : Rifugio Mandrone -> Passo della Valletta -> Passo Venezia -> Adamello glacier -> Adamello -> Rifugio alla Lobbia Alta

Snow line around 2850m on the glacier. Not many crevasse visible.
Rock dry and in good condition on the E ridge of Adamello, a fixed rope (old) was there, fixed to bolts every few meters. The rope was broken between two bolts at the bottom of the ridge.

Rocks very loose on the way up to Passo della Valletta, saw a few coming down from Monte Mandrone.


Rifugio Mandrone 6.30, Passo della Valletta 9.30
Adamello 14.30, Rifugio alla Lobbia Alta 18.30


Night Train Vienna -> Innsbruck -> Brenner -> Trento (3 trains, but fast connections)
Bus Trento -> Ponte Arche -> Tionne -> Carisolo (3 buses, fast connections)
From Carisolo, we walked ~1km, and then managed hitch-hiked to rest of the valley.


Italian huts are very nice :)
Rifugio Mandrone was crowded (Saturday night), good food.
Rifugio alla Lobbia Alta was almost empty (Sunday night), also good food, and cake for breakfast

personal comments

We wanted to do something closer to home, but it was raining all over Austria, and the weather seemed better in Italy, so we decided on Friday afternoon to catch the train to Trento for a 3 day trip.

First time in Trento, it's very beautiful and wild, and the food is really tasty.

We made a detour on the way up, instead of going on the glacier where it starts, we followed a marked path in the rocks, that ended up going to Passo della Valletta. It didn't seem like a big detour on the map, but it ended up adding a lot of time, as the walk/climb in loose rocks and taking the crampons on/off a few times was time-consuming.

After Passo Venezia we went back down on the Adamello glacier, but it would have been a better option to go up to Corno Bianco as there's a possibility to traverse from Corno Bianco to the start of the Adamello ridge.

It ended up being a very long route, and the sun and the melting snow made progress a bit tiring. The E ridge to Adamello was a very nice and easy climb, but we got caught by the clouds on the summit... Luckily we didn't get stuck in the fog on the huge Pian de Neve, as it's very easy to get lost.

We did a long traverse on the right back of the Adamello glacier, crossing a few rocky parts, to go more directly to the Rifugio alla Lobbia Alta

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