Climb Tasmania


book_types: topo

author: Gerry Narkowicz

editor: Open Spaces

publication_date: Dec 2013

nb_pages: 456

isbn: 9780646909691

langs: en


quality: draft



By Gerry Narkowicz. The ultimate rockclimbing guidebook for visitors to Tasmania. It will be the guidebook of choice for climbers on road trips to Tasmania, having only the best cliffs and 850 classic climbs. Locals will also appreciate this concise guide to all the best cliffs when climbing in different parts of the state.

Features include:
The best cliffs and 3 star routes clearly described, and chosen by a panel of experienced local climbers.
Photograph topos of each cliff with the lines clearly drawn.
Professionally drawn maps.
Full colour action photos by Robert McMahon, Simon Carter, Nick Hancock, Roger Parkyn and Jed Parkes.

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