Gottardo Boulder


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editor: Ticino Boulder

publication_date: 2014

nb_pages: 192

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Over recent years The Gotthard Pass has gradually become a favoured rather than an optional summer bouldering area. Its location (boulders at 2000 meters above sea level) makes it particularly pleasant during the hot summer days. The presence of lichens (which never prejudices or disturbs the ascents) gives it the fascination of the more northern lands, completely different from the known areas in Ticino.

Its beauty and the consistent number of problems makes it the third part of the triad of the Swiss Alps, together with Magic Wood and the Susten Pass. Because of this development we have now updated the Guide Book for this interesting and very special place for bouldering, and we hope that it will offer you enjoyable climbing days. Today there are 24 sectors and up to 800 problems!

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