Popular Climbing Routes in Slovenia


book_types: topo, historical

author: Tine Mihelič, Rudi Zaman

editor: Didakta

publication_date: 2014

nb_pages: 332

isbn: 978-961-261-340-2

langs: en

url: http://www.didakta.si/e-knjigarna/fotomonografije_potopisi/gornistvo/popular_climbing_routes_in_slovenija.html

quality: fine

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The original title is Slovenske stene which literally means " Slovene walls ". Tine Mihelič (1941-2004), the main author of the book is an alpinist, andinist and a recognized and prolific author.

The English version (adaptation and translation by Margaret Davis and Stanko Klinar in 2014) presents one hundred routes on thirty peaks of the Julian Alps and the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. The book includes an English-Slovenian mountain glossary.

Since its release in Slovenian in 1987, Slovenske Stene is the reference guidebook, with quality topos (by Aleš Dolenc), detailed descriptions of the routes (+ approaches and descents) and photos with the lines.

The special feature of the book is its readability. The style is relaxed and suggestive, while providing many practical tips such as information on the quality of the rock. The author places the conquest of the routes in historical context, usually the great classical period, a frame connecting the various ascents.

  • English version : see the link in the General information (the list of peaks and routes is included). Note that the sketches are annotated in English. Also e-book.
  • Slovene version (2003, 2nd edition)
  • The routes on Mali Oltar, Mrzla gora, Rušica, Srebrnjak, Velika Baba and Vežica which are in the list here below, are not in the English translation of the book.

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