The book of Selvaggio Blu


book_types: topo

author: Mario Vierin, Giulia Castelli

editor: Edizioni Enrico Spanu

publication_date: 2014

nb_pages: 176

isbn: 9788898 309030

langs: en


quality: medium

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ISBN:9788898 309047

The true story of the Selvaggio Blu trek as described by one of its inventors, the climber and photographer Mario Verin, who created Selvaggio Blu together with his friend Peppino Cicalò in 1987-88.Exploration, memories and thrills of one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful and toughest routes jump out as you look at these photographs accompanied by short accounts and descriptions of the livestock farming tradition, the people of Baunei and the region’s geology.

The book is constructed around the trek which in four stages proceeds from Pedra Longa to Cala Sisine, connecting ancient shepherds’ paths with dizzy sections of climbing, along which the reader discovers the Supramonte and its sheer cliffs falling to the sea. In a technical appendix you find a detailed route description with the GPS route reproduced on a DEM map (Digital Elevation Model), with whose help you can tackle the route in its original and most challenging form.

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