Extreme Alpinism: Climbing Light, Fast, and High


book_types: technics

author: Mark Twight & James Martin

editor: The Mountaineers Books

publication_date: 1999

nb_pages: 238

isbn: 978-0-89886-654-4

langs: en, es

url: http://www.mountaineersbooks.org/productdetails.cfm?SKU=6545

quality: medium

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Cover of the 1999 edition of Mark Twight's "Extreme Alpinism"
Cover of the 1999 edition of Mark Twight's "Extreme Alpinism"

One of the best technical books on alpinism.

What the editors say (from the back cover):
For accomplished climbers who want to take it to the next level: this is a master class taught by Mark Twight, renowned for pushing the limits of the possible. Twight proves that character and attitude are as essential to success as physical prowess. Throughout, he insists on safety – and adherence to a strict code of climbing ethics. It’s the complete guide to how elite mountaineers approach the world’s most demanding routes.
- Character and attitude: training for psychological fitness
- Advanced techniques for climbing fast, light, and high.
- Strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, and nutrition
- Tips on clothing and equipment
- Information on safety, communication, and bivouacs.

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