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NameForum nicknameCategoryAct.Areas
jpanv jpanv
dh34d dh34d
lilalali lilalali
petitgibus64 petitgibus64
aram aram
minilamb minilamb amateur Vercors Isère France 3 2
katell guiziou katell guiziou
antoine_n antoine_n
antifreud antifreud
anna f anna f
randoloop randoloop 7
nicozambett nicozambett
pekmouk pekmouk
yannick_pap yannick_pap
raphsteph38 raphsteph38
Rockabouly Rockabouly
Jean-Phi Fontaine Jean-Phi Fontaine amateur Préalpes Fribourgeoises - Bernoises Canton de Fribourg Suisse 28
ungrimpeurdu65 ungrimpeurdu65
th0mas3589 th0mas3589 amateur Hérault France
brekka27 brekka27
jfg jfg
guillaume climbout guillaume climbout
stephg09 stephg09
Bougeotte Bougeotte 8
Laurent Gothuey Laurent G
lorigori lorigori
pierrecha pierrecha
micha micha
emilou emilou
sinalik sinalik
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