Miroir d'Argentine: Voie Directe

  • Activities:
  • Min / max altitude:
    1462m / 2325m
  • Elevation gain / loss:
  • Difficulties height:
  • Configuration:
  • Main facing:
  • Route type:
    loop / walk down to the base of the climb
  • Global rating:
  • Commitment grade:
  • Quality of in-place protection:
  • Free and required grade:
Summits, passes, lakes and cliffs:
Access points:
Cergnement  1280m r
Solalex  1462m - r

A magnificent, huge limestone slab. You can see why it’s called the mirror.
The route is fairly well equipped but nuts and friends are useful as the bolts are well spaced, (more so than on the other Miroir routes.)


From the Solalex parking, cross the torrent by a footbridge and ascend a steep path to the foot of the route.
The climb starts at an obvious large corner in the centre of the cliff, the left side having grey rock, the right side reddish rock.  The broken terrain before the start is fairly exposed.  There is a plaque with the route’s name at the start.


L1:  5a
L2:  4a, Stay in the corner, ignore the bolts seen to the left
L3:  5a, letter box, polished
L4:  4a
L5:  5a
L6:  4a
L7:  4a
L8:  4a
L9:  4b
L10: 5a
L11: 5a
L12: 5a
L13: 4a
L14: 3a
L15: 4c

From the top of the route, traverse E to gain, via a stony gully, the summit of the Haute Corde (2350m). See also routes/53904/en/miroir-d-argentine-voie … ale-de-l-y  


From the summit of the Haute Corde, follow the East ridge then a path down grassy slopes to Anzeindaz then Solalex.


A cold cliff not normally practical before mid June, before which there can be snow on the summit. Sun in the afternoon in July to mid September


Large slings useful in the corner (numerous flakes and chockstones).

External resources:
Ascensions au pays du Mont-Blanc - Jean-Louis Laroche, Florence Lelong - 2000
Escalades Jura-Vaud-Bas-Valais-Sanetsch - Claude & Yves Remy - 2010
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