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NameEle.PT accessTypeSnow clearanceAreas
Madouc 1170m seasonal service Alpes Vaudoises Valais Suisse 1
Cogne 1535m regular service often cleared Grand Paradis Vallée d'Aoste Italie 1
Madonna di Campiglio - Parcheggio Fortini e Grostè 1650m regular service Adamello Province autonome de Trente Italie 1
Bogno 960m regular service often cleared Bündner Oberland - Adula - Tessin E Tessin Suisse 1
Grimsel Hospiz 1960m seasonal service Alpes Bernoises Alpes Uranaises Canton de Berne Suisse 8
Furkablick 2427m seasonal service Alpes Uranaises Uri Suisse 0
Gmünder Hütte 1180m seasonal service Pustresi - Hohe Tauern Carinthie Autriche 1
Col de la Croix Fry 1467m seasonal service often cleared Bornes - Aravis Haute-Savoie France 1
Traversella 827m regular service Grand Paradis Province de Turin Italie 0
Cancano 1950m seasonal service Engadine - Disgrazia Province de Sondrio Italie 0
Gütsch, Andermatt 2300m service close-by naturally cleared Alpes Glaronaises Uri Suisse 2
Ogliastro 23m service close-by Corse Haute-Corse France 1
Ponte Maria 1160m seasonal service Adamello Province autonome de Trente Italie 1
Jungsan Ri (중산리) 460m regular service Corée du Sud 2
Guillestre 1030m regular service often cleared Queyras S - Parpaillon - Ubaye - Orrenaye Hautes-Alpes France 1
Vela Draga 450m regular service Croatie 0
Isafjördur regular service Islande 3 2
Spinas 1816m regular service Grisons centraux Grisons Suisse 1
Ólafsfjörður 30m regular service Islande 2
Camp militaire de Rioseta 1400m service close-by Béarn - Balaïtous - Partacua Province de Huesca Espagne 1
Branzi 830m regular service often cleared Alpes Bergamasques Province de Bergame Italie 1
Fieschertal - Lambrigge 1178m regular service often cleared Alpes Bernoises Valais Suisse 1 16
Les Hôpitaux-Neufs 993m regular service often cleared Jura Doubs France 1
Pontarlier 836m regular service often cleared Jura Doubs France 0
Morteau 750m regular service often cleared Jura Doubs France 1
Herbriggen 1255m regular service often cleared Valais E - Alpes Pennines E Valais Suisse 1
La Cumbre 4683m regular service Bolivie 2
Taninges 642m regular service often cleared Chablais Haute-Savoie France 1
Die (centre-ville) 401m regular service Luberon - Baronnies - Saoû Vercors Drôme France 1
Davezieux 418m service close-by Ardèche France 1
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