Cant del Gal

  • Document type:
    access point
    • Elevation:
    • Longitude:
      11° 52' 43.04" E
    • Latitude:
      46° 13' 8.54" N
  • Public transportation facilities:
    not filled in
  • Snow clearance:
    not filled in
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Huts, usual bivis and valley accomodation:
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Outings from this access point that used public transport or other low-impact modes of transportation.

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Cima Canali: Fessura Buhl -Erwing2897m+1737m(497m)  W TDIIP2
Cima Immink: Via Solleder - Fontein2855m  W TD-IIP45b+
Pala del Rifugio: Face NW - Voie Frisch-Corradini2394m(650m)  NW  TDIIP25c>5b
Sass D'Ortiga: Arête W - voie Wiessner/Kees2634m(280m)  W D+IIP35c>5b
Sass D'Ortiga: spigolo W - via Kees/Wiessner2634m+1332m(430m)  NW  D+IIIP3
 Sass D'Ortiga : Arête W - voie Wiessner/Kees2634m
Cima Canali : Fessura Buhl -Erwing2897m
Sass D'Ortiga: Arête W - voie Wiessner/Kees2634m
 Pala del Rifugio : Face NW, Voie Frisch-Corradini2394m
Sass D'Ortiga : Arête W, voie Wiessner/Kees2634m
 Sass D'Ortiga : spigolo W - via Kees/Wiessner2634m
Cima Canali : Fessura Buhl -Erwing2897m

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