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    access point
    • Elevation:
    • Longitude:
      8° 36' 47.56" E
    • Latitude:
      59° 52' 44.6" N
  • Public transportation facilities:
    not filled in
  • Snow clearance:
    not filled in
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Access points:
Rjukan  700m
Krokan  800m
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Road access:
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Public transport access:

Outings from this access point that used public transport or other low-impact modes of transportation.

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Rjukan - Gausta Area: Gaustatoppfossen Midle(30m)  NW DIP24
Rjukan - Krokan: Bored to the extrem750m+100m(25m)  NW EDI/X2P2M7
Rjukan - Krokan: Bullen800m(30m)  N AD+IP23
Rjukan - Krokan: De kaller meg fjard750m+100m(25m)  NW EDI/X2P2M7
Rjukan - Krokan: Gaustaspokelse [ébauche]800m+25m  N DII4
Rjukan - Krokan: Inconnue à droite de "Karius"750m+100m(25m)  NW TD-I/X2P45
Rjukan - Krokan: Jomfrua800m+30m  NW DIP24
Rjukan - Krokan: Kjokkentrappa800m(30m)  N DII4
Rjukan - Krokan: Lucky Lisa750m+100m(25m)  NW ED+I/X2P2M8
Rjukan - Krokan: Tipp800m  N TD+IIP26
Rjukan - Krokan: Topp750m+100m(25m)  NW TDI/X2P45/M5
Rjukan - Mael: Isroser400m+200m(200m)  N D-IIIP4+3+
Rjukan - Rjukan Centre: Fabrikkfossen650m+250m(250m)  N AD+IIP43
Rjukan - Rjukan Centre: Tjonnstadbergfossen700m  S DII4
Rjukan - Upper Gorge: Bakveien(120m)  N DIP4+4
Rjukan - Upper Gorge: Blindtarmen(70m)  N DIP4+4
Rjukan - Upper Gorge: Juvsoyla750m+150m(120m)  N EDIII/X2P4+6
Rjukan - Upper Gorge: Lipton [ébauche]700m(150m) EDP47
Rjukan - Upper Gorge: Nye Vemorkfoss750m+150m(120m)  NW TD+II/X2P4+5
Rjukan - Upper Gorge: Sabotorfossen750m+150m(110m)  NW TD+II/X2P4+5
Rjukan - Upper Gorge: Trappfoss700m(120m)  N D+IP44+
Rjukan - Vemork Bridge: Vemorkbrufoss ost(90m)  N DIP4+4
Rjukan - Vemork Bridge: Vemorkbrufoss vest(90m) TD-IP4+5
Rjukan - Krokan : Inconnue à droite de "Karius"750m
Rjukan - Krokan : Topp750m
Rjukan - Upper Gorge : Sabotorfossen750m
Rjukan - Upper Gorge : Nye Vemorkfoss750m
Rjukan - Upper Gorge : Juvsoyla750m
Rjukan - Krokan : Lucky Lisa750m
Rjukan - Krokan : De kaller meg fjard750m
  • Heavy Water - Jon Haukåssveen / Tom Alte Bordevik - 2005

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