, Pierra Menta : Bérard-Rigotti

Pierra Menta: Bérard-Rigotti
  2714m  +1000m (100m)    E   D I P1 6a>4c
Summits, passes, lakes and cliffs:
Pierra Menta  2714m
Huts, usual bivis and valley accomodation:
Access points:
Forand  1620m
  • Activities:
  • Maximum altitude:
Conditions, equipment and rock quality (incl. approach):

Passage nuageux, de nombreuses éclaicies

Departure time / duration:

Global : 2h20
Difficultes : 10h à 12h20

Personal comments:

Belle escalade. Avons tirer les rappels dans la voie, permet deregagner le départ directement/

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