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Broad Peak 2013

#1 21-04-2012 14:36:44


Broad Peak 2013

Excuse my bad english, I'm french.
So, I'm organizing an expedition in Broad Peak in 2013 with my clients.
I'm looking other people interesting in sharing the cost of the logistic with the local tour agency (accommodations, transports, permits...). More climbers we will be, less we will pay. Actualy, 4000 euro if we are ten climbers (for 40 days), but we can reach a price of 3000 euro if we find more people.
Contact me on my email.
My regards

#2 21-04-2012 14:49:54

Re: Broad Peak 2013

Bonjour Erwan Madoré.
En tant que professionnel (je le suppose puisque tu parles de "tes clients"), tu pourrais si tu le souhaites te créer un profil sur c2c, enregistré en tant que "Professionnel de l'encadrement", où tu pourrais présenter ton activité et tes projets, ou mettre des liens vers ton site pro si tu en possèdes un. Ce profil peut être créé en plusieurs langues si tu le souhaites (français, anglais, italien...).
C'est ici : signUp
Bonnes expés.

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#3 01-08-2012 11:57:40

ghulam nabi
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Re: Broad Peak 2013


We are pleased to introduce ourselves as Pakistan,s oldest trekking agency with over 30 years experience.
I note you are trying to organise an expedition to Broad Pk and we would like to help you. We have worked with many reputable trekking companies in France some years ago like Terres, D, aventure.

The price 4000 Euros you mention seems high. If you like we can offer you most competitive prices for your 2013 climb to Broad Pk. My e mail is

Please visit our web

I look forward to hear from you with interest.

Best regards,

Anchan Ali Mirza
Karakurum treks & tours

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Re: Broad Peak 2013

Bonjour Erwan ,

les dates de ton expé sont elles fixées ?

#5 08-10-2013 03:47:21

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Re: Broad Peak 2013

can reach a price of 3000 euro?