Lofoten Rock

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Couverture Lofoten Rock

Topo Guide of climbing in the Islands of the Lofoten in Norway.
Most routes are in traditional style.
A very nice and complete guide book with many high quality pictures of the routes.

alpine rock climbing (1)
Vågakallen: Arête N942m+1100m(400m)  N DIIIP45c>5b
rock climbing (6)
Bare Blåbær: Bare blåbær  W DIIIP35b>5a
Gandalf: Gandalf140m+140m(100m)  S DIP4/E25c>5b
Gandalf: Gollum140m+140m(100m)  S DIP4/E25c>5b
Pianokrakken: Applecake Arete+60m IIP45a
Pianokrakken: Pianohandler Lunds rute120m IIP44c
Presten: Vestpillaren500m(450m)  W TD+IIIP46a+>5c

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