Only the collaboration and support of many people make possible!


Users(content creation and enhancement)Summary

If can provide updated information, it is thanks to the shared work of hundreds of contributors who, for over ten years, have taken the time to share information on routes, conditions, techniques and current events. They continue to do so today and the community now includes over over 20,000 registered users!

Moderators(daily management of the site)Summary

These are the people who monitor the site's content, help new users, moderate some comments on the forums...

Guidebook moderators

Contacting the guidebook moderators.

Daniel Bach (Dani)
Bruno Besson (gottferdom)
L. Besson (ɹɹɹqx)
David Bochot (ptetbenquoui)
Christophe Bordieu (TotoXe)
Frédéric Brisson (Tifred)
Alexandre Buisse
Frédéric Bunoz (Bubu), responsable du groupe modérateur Topoguide
Thomas Charbonneau (TomC)
Massimo Ciccardini (cimaxi)
Alexis Demongeot (Alexis)
Mathieu Des Noes (Miko)
Laurent Gallot (lologallo)
Martin Gerbaux (Tintin)
Cesc Grau
Christophe (Krist@f)
Borut Kantuser (quasimodo)
Giacarlo Langini (gipuntato)
Xabier Larrea (xabi)
Gianluca Moroni (Gianluca)
Franco Pecchio (Ai@ce)
Loïc Perrin (Loïc)
José Picheral (josë)
Christian Pocachard (Christian)
Philippe Queinnec (Philippe Q.)
Fabien Quétier (F@bien)
Thomas Ribière (ThomasR)
Fabrizio Righetti (Fabrizio64)
Thomas Rosabrunetto (trosa)
Alexandre Saunier (âlex)
Herve Sergeraert (Lutin)
Riccardo Vairetti (richi)
Céline Stern-Kiener (Chti nain)

Retired guidebook moderators

HakenHans (Tembo)
Yannick P. (millepattes)
David Gueyffier (D@vid)
Micha Schlup (mschlup)
Thomas Acher (ThomasA)
Christophe Baume (BLOC)
Nicolas Bobier (strider)
Alexandre Chibane (chibane)
Rémi Chauvel (TreKmi) †
Simon Conseil (Saïmon)
Pierric Deransart (Pierric)
Nicolas Galy (ouhlala)
Cédric Gerber (Cedric74)
Sophie Gratalon (Sofie) †
Claude Helmstetter (Cl@ude)
Huber le Goeland
Olivier Guidet (zeitun)
David Jonglez (djonglez)
Christophe Marteau
Nicolas Morell (naiagreen)
Jean-louis Pitteloud (louploup)
Paul Ravoire (Ravoire)
Fabrice Roulier (Fab) †
Pierre-Michael Tissot (unCplus)

Forum moderators

Contacting the forum moderators.
Daniel Bach (Dani)
David Bochot (ptetbenquoui)
Josué Bock (lutin de la forêt)
Frédéric Bunoz (Bubu)
Massimo Ciccardini (cimaxi)
François Colas (fr4n"ço1s, Head of the forum moderator group
csv, , Head of the forum moderator group
Gorka Galdos (galdos)
Martin Gerbaux (Tintin)
Grégoire Huguin (Greg_H), Head of the forum moderator group
Jean-Marc (J.Marc)
Jean-Michel (Michmuch38)
Franco Pecchio (Ai@ce)

Retired forum moderators

Nicolas Bobier (strider)
Simon Conseil (Saïmon)
Pierric Deransart (Pierric)
Claude Helmstetter (Cl@ude)
Sophie Gratalon (Sofie) †
Catherine Hubert (catherine)
David Jonglez (djonglez)
Giacarlo Langini (gipuntato)
Xabier Larrea (xabi)
Jean-Pierre Lefevre (Gepi)
Christophe Lys (c.l.) †
José Picheral (josë)
Thomas Ribière (ThomasR)
Alexandre Saunier (âlex)
Pierre-Michael Tissot (unCplus)

The development team(site development)Summary

They ensure the maintenance of the site and voluntarily develop new features.

Bruno Besson (gottferdom)
L. Besson (ɹɹɹqx)
Frédéric Bunoz (Bubu)
Alexandre Saunier (âlex)
Marc Fournier (mfournier)
Stephane Peiti (stef74)
Franck Renard(ffoxi)

Retired developpers

Simon Conseil (Saïmon)
Francois Maillard (laz)
François Van Der Biest (f.vdb)


They translate the site interface and the main articles (introduction, help).
Any member of camptocamp can participate in the translation.

The main translators are:

Anna Garelli
Daniel Bach (Dani)
Gorka Galdos (galdos)
Xabier Larrea (arteson)
Franco Pecchio (Ai@ce)
José Picheral (josë)
Fabien Quétier (F@bien)
Martina Schaefer (chamois38)
Vincent Stern (Timbear)


Camptocamp-Association is an non-profit organization (governed by French law "loi 1901"). Its sole aim is to "foster the exchange of information between mountain sports enthusiasts."

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manage the association throughout the year (fund raising, development and management of partnerships and projects, direction of future developments...). The Board consists of 8 members, elected by the organization members, and a representative of the honorary members.

Daniel Bach (Dani), President
Bruno Besson (gottferdom), Treasurer
Frédéric Bunoz (Bubu)
Marc Fournier, representative of the honorary members
Martin Gerbaux (Tintin)
Grégoire Huguin (Greg_H)
Stéphane Menet (krampus)
Pauline Raspail (Nouille), Secretary
Céline Stern-Kiener (Chti nain)

Honorary members of the association

They are the people who founded the collaborative sites and, whose successive developments led to

Marc Fournier
David Jonglez
Luc Maurer
Claude Philipona
Arnaud Saint-Léger
Julien Vallet

To learn more about the history of sites, check out the history of the camptocamp community sites.

To learn more about the Camptocamp-Association, check out this presentation

Sponsors and financiersSummary

Camptocamp SA societyc2csa.gif

Server hosting and bandwidth is funded by camptocamp SA.

Camptocamp SA is active in consulting and development related to new information technologies. Composed of a team of qualified engineers, it has expertise in the following areas:

  • information systems on the internet (web application)
  • interactive mapping and GIS
  • technologies related to community websites and interactive management of multilingual content.

The French Rhone-Alpes region and the European Unionrhonealpes.gif europe.gif

As part of the PRAI, the Rhone-Alpes region and the European Union funded a significant portion of the project "Système d’Information sur les Conditions de Course en Montagne" (Information System on Hiking and Climbing Conditions in mountains). In partnership with Météo-France and the Syndicat National des Guides de Montagne (SNGM), this project has in particular led to the development of the new version of the site and of the meta search engine.

The free fondationfondationfree.gif

The fondation d'entreprise Free has given two servers to Camptocamp-Association.

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