Camptocamp-Association is a civil association created under French law (loi 1901) to facilitate the exchange of information between mountaineers (in a broad sense, including skiers, rock climbers etc...)
Camptocamp-Association offers the website (often referred to as c2c) as a tool for sharing this information.

Camptocamp-Association is a bunch of un-paid members who work for the site's user community. Don't hesitate to help them by becoming a member or simply by contributing to the improvement of the website!!!

To contact the administrators of the website, use the following links:

  • Make a suggestion for improving the website
  • To raise a question to the moderators (concerning the forums, the guidebook or the articles); or to contact them by email concerning:
    • The guidebook and the album:
    • The incidents and accidents data-base :
    • The forum:
    • The articles:
  • Discuss the association itself or for a private contact:
  • To advertise on the site, contact:
  • To contact those who maintain and develop the website:

Web hosting and funding for the bandwidth comes from camptocamp SA. Camptocamp SA is a key player in consulting and developing IT tools for:
  * Web applications for information management systems
  * Interactive mapping tools and topo/geographic information systems
  * Technology relevant for community and multi-language websites.

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